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LAST UPDATE: 26-9-01

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Manga Style

  • Isomec´s CG Illustrations ||Mostly non-hentai. Impressive graphics.
  • ACK, The T.Catt Homepage || In Internet, T.Catt is one of the oldest and most prestigious sketcher of erotic pictures based on famous characters of comic-books(Marvel, Dc, Image...) or cartoons. This is his official home page.
  • Obsidian Wind ||
  • TINAMI || The best collection of links to japanese CG artists.English version under construction.
  • ??? Precious draws of Rei Ayanami and other beautiful anime girls. Very high quality pics. New!
  • Zahara Medina and Runa-chan IV home page||One of the best CG artists.
  • FuniFuni Gallery ||Precious draws by different CG artists. Sakura & Akihabara galleries are great!
  • Juan Gotoh Visual Workshop. Amazing draws & color technique. U can find the hentai art in the "Dark side" gallery.
  • Tareme Paradise. Original CGs of dfferent artists.
  • ToyBoxArts. Original CGs. by Satoshi "Toy" Igarashi. New!
  • Tinman´s Corner. Want to know how to colorize using photoshop? Try this place and enjoy the amazing work of his author.
  • Atchy´s Homepage. Original CGs.
  • Blue Magic. Original CGs.
  • Charming Square Garden.Original CGs. Enjoy the great presentation of this site.
  • Ctama´s Homepage.Original CGs.
  • KeyWest. Original CGs.If you don´t find the images try this link.
  • L.L.Palace Hentai Original CGs.
  • Rinn´s Page. Original CGs.
  • Tarako Factory
  • Usagi Club
  • Wendy Project
  • ŽOˆÊ’†›’'s HomePage
  • Golgota Tenements
  • Emiko´s Genesis
  • Man-sai-den Computer Graphics Library
  • Mike´s Room
  • Night Shift
  • Isaisa kingdom
  • ’Þ‚èƒLƒ`“¯–¿ƒz[ƒ€ƒy[ƒW If you can´t read japanesse follow this path to find the images: click on the upper link of the first page, and then on the left link of the second page. Or just click here.
  • Pendako Club
  • Anorak Post HomePage
  • Hotaruchan Planet
  • Circle-H. Beautiful CG pictures of several games.
  • ‚₤‚±‚»A˜a•——¿’à‚³‹g‰®–{•Ü]B Wafu´s Page Precious CG draws.
  • K2 Online (Flash4 Plug-in needed)
  • BLACKFLY HOMEPAGE. Very good CG art of famous manga/anime girls. Closed?
  • Gloomy Scrapbook (by Fey Tas)
  • ShishamoHouse
  • 18Killers
  • Marcy´s Web Page

Furry Style

"Human" Style

Miscelaneous & Famous Artists