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CG Artists - Computer Graphic artists.Most of them are japanese pages.

Doujinshi - A doujinshi is a erotic parodie of a specific manga

Pics of series/games - Collection of pics extracted from games.
H-Games - Hentai Games like Kiss, Season of the Sakura and others.

Pay Sites - The best collection of pay sites.

Sites with adult key - Some sites require an adult verification system. This don´t mean that the site should be better than a free site.
Free sites - There are a lot of good free site over there.

Specific series - A page devoted to a specific serie (Ranma, Evangelion, Dirty Pair, etc)

Hentai for Sale - Want to buy original mangas or other stuff related to hentai? Try here.

Comics & erotic toons - Erotic parodies aboud Disney, Warner, superheroes and such.

Fanfictions - Enter to the amazing world of fictions about your favourite series. Xena, Buffy, Anime, Comics...

Newsgroups - The newsgroups where you can find new hentai / erotic toons images.

Webmaster Resources - You want to make a new hentai page? Just visit this sites and follow their advices.

Other (non-categorized) - The rest. O;-)

Lists & Webrings - Want more? Try other collections of links or webrings devoted to hentai.

Brief note about this page:

It´s my intention to make www.hentaicrawler.com a search engine for sites about hentai, erotic toons, fanfictions and all this kind of stuff. Until that this domain will be redirected to my list of links.

This list is a selection of my favourite websites. You can send your own website to be listed in this page, but the site will only be listed if I like it. Send your links to webmaster@hentaicrawler.com

A raking system (1 to 5 stars) will be added in the future.I will appreciate this aspects of each website:

  • Design
  • Quality of pictures. Taste, resolution and originality
  • Quantity of pictures
  • All links working. Little or no broken links in all sections (I should learn about this) ;-)
  • Constant updates. Weekly or monthly
  • Established site. Proven to handle traffic on their server
  • Banners, pop-ups, publicity.

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